Monday, March 11, 2013

Your Trash, My Treasure

Not lots has been happening at La Sonrisa over the winter months.  We planted a garden that the grasshoppers ate after we fertilized with something that had molasses in it.  Then we replanted, and it is not doing great but it is not eaten.  We have not had much rain, again.  Our small rain barrels are dry and the large one is draining fast.  Best thing is we finally got rid of a bunch of the JUNK that the previous owner left behind when we bought our place in the country.  

No I'm wrong, best thing is what we rescued when we made one of our runs to the city dump.  Check this out.....

I am almost done with my upgrades.  The project included, paint, foam, fabric, zippers, and time.  But guess what, it is the most fun I have had in a really long time.  Following are a few pictures from the process.  Paint, sewing, stuffing, fluffing, crochet......One more project to finish and it is all done.  Then I will post the results and how I did it.

Soon it will all be together.  A few more stitches, a little more stuffing, a little travel to the country and .......

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