Monday, June 14, 2010

Work, Work, and more Work

It has been so long since I posted last I almost forgot how. We have done more than I will ever be able to remember and put pictures up of but I will hit on some high spots. On Memorial day 2010 we worked on the ROOF LEAK. We discovered it while putting up twinkle lights in the drizzle. There was a big "nasty" spot that needed new deck, tar paper and shingles. We had lots of help, family and friends. The guys worked outside while the ladies fixed lunch and made pickles. The pickles should be ready today. We will have to check them out. So here are some pictures and a smile or two.

First you get to see the new sign I made for the front gate.

And these cows belong to the neighbors that lease our place for grazing. Aren't the cows and the grass pretty.

OK, now for pictures of the work. Here are my roofers. Don't know how to thank them enough since it rained again the next day.

And the ladies made pickles and fix the fresh produce grown in their garden.

FUN and DONE!!!

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